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Unapologetically BLACK

Lately, I’ve been very intentional about doing things for the culture. And although to many this may feel very loud and bold and may even make for some uncomfortable interactions. I am learning more and more about why my boldness needs to happen intentionally. The fact of the matter remains that the opportunities I have been afforded, are not the same for everyone. It is my job to elevate the voices of those who need to be inspired by my journey. In particular, the black and brown voices who need to understand that you can be your authentic self and take up SPACE.


My mission is simple. I want people to question what we consider professional. I want people to refrain from calling things “too black”. I want us to learn to embrace the very things like culture, family, and life experiences that allow us to be our REAL selves even as professionals. Listen, I am for all things good in humanity and respecting one another as individuals in society. But on that same note, I will always be for the culture ✊🏾.



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