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"Dr. Chery's presentation, "Reclaiming  Your Womanhood" was the highlight of our young women's conference!  Her passion and personality were infectious and the presentation was absolutely incredible. She was an immediate role model to the young women in attendance."

Tamasia Johnson, Executive Director, Pearl Club 

Power of a Woman's Voice

Her Voice is Powerful


With growth I learned to stop shrinking for others. And I made the commitment to be more vocal as a black woman in medicine because students, future doctors, and my community need it. I use my voice to affirm for others that you can look me and succeed in medicine on your terms.”



Mental Health &

Your Primary Care Doc

The Gentlemen's Factory

Mental Health & The Primary Care Doctor! REAL, RAW, & REVEALING conversations! Because let’s be real, as much as we are having discussions now about mental health in the media, It’s still very much TABOO & most people, especially men don’t know how to start getting help. Dr. Chery shares how men vs women typically present with anxiety and depression. While clearing up some myths & misconceptions! 



Joy & Pain: 

Trauma in the Workplace

LinkedIn & ThriveNYC

In partnership with Sisters Thrive, Brothers Thrive, two initiatives under ThriveNYC, a mayoral initiative to create access to mental health for all New Yorkers, Thrive in the Workplace and LinkedIn for the Joy & Pain: Trauma in the Workplace event, in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month - We shared how trauma shows up in the workplace and how to create healing workplaces. We explored the concept of Cumulative Emotional trauma that occurs often to individuals who identify as black, African descent, Latino, and/or immigrants. For those who are uncomfortable with mental health conversation happening in this country lately, it’s time to get over it. Because the can has been opened. And shall STAY open. Our communities need these conversations. It’s time for healing.



Beasting in your


The Medicine in Color Podcast

Listen to the first inaugural episode! (Available on Spotify and iTunes) Dr. Chery expands more about personal growth, cultivating relationships, and how to persevere yourself on this medicine journey! She even shares why seeing a therapist while in residency was the best decision she ever made! 



Trauma, Healing & 

Learning to find your Voice

The December26er Podcast

Dr. Chery recently was able to share in some dope conversation on trauma, healing, and learning to find your own voice. Dr. Chery got pretty candid about her experience with sexual assault, learning about herself, and redefining what faith means to her. As always, Dr. Magdala's goal with sharing her struggles and in particular, the not so glamorous parts of her life is to help others see how they have the power to write their story the way they want. Yes, things may happen to you, but they don’t define you. And no ones story is “picture perfect”. Don’t let social media fool you into thinking so.


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