Named one of South Jersey Magazines Top Docs in 2018 and 2019. Dr. Chery is among South Jersey’s leading physicians who are making a noticeable impact in the health care world.


Dr. Magdala Chery has delivered many motivational keynotes at events across the nation. She leaves her audience inspired, moved, and energized!



Before getting specific about hair products and techniques, get healthy first. As a naturalista, Dr. Magdala Chery has mastered the art of hair growth and hair health! 


The Physician

Dr. Chery is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and Assistant Professor. She uses her own experiences and life challenges to connect and inspire her audience.

The Speaker

For so long, I would shrink as a black woman. When I finally embraced my voice, the labels of being "too real, too passionate, too intimidating" came along with it. I was left wondering "am I good enough?" to become the doctor I've always wanted to be. Better yet, "can I do medicine while still being me?

Dr. Magdala Chery, DO, MBS


The Naturalista

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